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The Leasametric Metrology Laboratory has a fleet of rental devices that, in case of emergency, is available with – 50 discounts!


Ainsi, lorque vous nous donnez un appareil en réparation, nous pouvons vous proposer un appareil de dépannage pendant la durée d’immobilisation du vôtre.


You will generally find the prices for verification reports online, but discounts may be granted by quantity.
Thanks to its light structure, Leasametric undertakes to establish a quote within 5 working days (for verification reports and repair quotes).


Finally, when your fleet cannot be moved, Leasametric calibrates your instruments on site.

A large stock of spare parts.

Support for any device, even without manufacturer support.

Over 23 years of experience across all brands.

Boost and calibrate your fleet of devices.

Replace old items with new ones.

Supprimez les lecteurs de disquettes au profit d’USB ou SD.

State of the art metrology laboratory

Expertise and involvement of the metrology laboratory team.

NF X 07-001 standard verification reports.

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It is necessary to get in touch with professionals who are proficient in Test & Measurement devices of all the major brands, to have an impartial opinion on the optimal choices and solutions necessary for the success of measurement tests, as well as in harsh environments.

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