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Scalable rental (FLEXO® program)

You need test devices and measurements but don’t want to invest?

Flexo® is the innovative financing solution for your hardware with associated services (guarantee, calibration, exchange, software update, etc.).
With the Flexo® you pay rent and Leasametric takes care of everything!

At the end of the program, you can buy back your devices or start on a new program with state-of-the-art devices.

You already have a fleet of devices
and want to outsource its management?

Leasametric then intervenes on the spot.
We audit your park to enhance it.
Leasametric buys back your devices and rents them to you with all the associated services.

The benefits:

  • You value your assets,
  • You turn your fleet into cash,
  • You don’t take care of anything except the rent anymore,
  • You save an average of 30 on the cost of using your devices.
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