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the opportunity REFURBISHED = ReNEWed®

At Leasametric, save up to 70% without compromising on Quality:
It is a second-hand device REFURBISHED to manufacturers’ standards, but not the price!


Consider buying reNEWed® devices or recycling your own, it’s worth the effort!

Leasametric gives devices a second life.

  • Intensive cleaning outside and in,
  • – Dusting,
  • – Filter replacement,
  • – Fan replacement*,
  • – Cards retightened,
  • – Worn-parts replacement*, on feet and bumpers,
  • – Button replacement*,
  • – Housings painted,
  • – Worn-connectors replacement*,
  • – Screen replacement*,
  • – Software upgraded,
  • – Calibration,
  • – 3 month warranty offered.
  • * Replacement only if it’s necessary

Optional : 1 year warranty
Old-for-recent component replacement,
Disk readers replaced with USB or SD…,


Mindsets are changing, disposable is giving way to extending the lifetime of equipment, reducing wastage. It is more reasonable and often less costly to have a part repaired than to replace the entire device.

Want to protect the planet’s resources and REDUCE ELECTRONIC WASTAGE? Want to SAVE MONEY without risking quality and warranty?

OPT NOW for reNEWed® devices at Leasametric.

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