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If you want to buy a test and measurement device and want to make sure you’re not wrong, Leasametric specialists advise you impartially on the most appropriate choice:
Leasametric works with the various market players and its engineers from the laboratories of the largest manufacturers are fully familiar with the devices of the major brands.


Leasametric offers a wide range of test and measurement devices and accessories:
Oscilloscopes, Recorders and Printers, Central Acquisition, Voltmeters and Multimeters, Calibrators, Counters and Frequency Meters, Signal Generators, Antennas, Spectrum Analyzers, Network Analyzers, RF Generators, RF Noise Measurement, Power Meter RF, RF Amplifiers, RF Modulation Analyzers, Test Banks, Field Measurers, Cable Testers and Links, Digital Transmission Testers, Protocol Testers, Optical , Video Analyzers and Generators, Logic Analyzers, CEM Measurement, Component Testers, RLC Bridges and Impedance Analyzers, Milliohmmeter and Megohmeters, Vibration Environment, Energy Analyzers, Delecttrimeters, PXI-VXI, PC and Peripherals, AC Power, DC Power, Dynamic Charge


Leasametric has been an independent company for more than 25 years, with no privileged agreements with manufacturers, which allows it to ensure full transparency in advice and decision-making on the choice of one device over another.

3M 3Z Telecom AARONIA Acterna Adret Advantest Aeroflex AFJ Agilent Technologies AH Systems ALBEDO Ameritec Amplifier Research Amrel Ando Anritsu Anritsu Wiltron AOIP ARGUS Associated Research Astrodesign Astrolab Astromed Atten Audio Précision Austrian Research Avansys Ballantine Laboratories Bell BFI Optilas Binder Bird BK Precision BMI BNOS Electronics Bonn Elektronik Boonton Brüel & Kjaer BVS Tortoise California Instruments CEM Chauvin Arnoux Chroma Climats Comet Convergie Cotel CTS Data Translation Datron Datum DELL Delta Elektronika Densitron Microwave Dewetron DIGIMESS Doble Dranetz Druck EA Eaton Efratom EIP Microwave ELC Elektro-Automatik Elexience Elgar EM Test EMCO Enertec ENI EPS ETS Lindgren Eurotherm Exfo Extech Felec Fiber Fox Fisher C.C. Fitel Flexim Flir Fluke Fontaine Frankonia Freshfield FUG Fuji Fujikura Furukawa Garmin GE Programma GenRad Giga-tronics GMC Goerz Gosse Metrawatt Gould Instrument Systems Gould Nicolet Graphtec HAEFELY Hameg HBM Hioki Hitachi Hitek Power HP HP/COMPAQ HT HTC  Idacom-Agilent Ideal IFI IFR IL POWER
Inno Instek Intec INTEC ISO-TECH Itech Itronix Iwatsu JDSU Jenoptik JFA Kalmus Katronic Keithley Kepco Keysight / Agilent Kikusui Kimo Konica Krohn-Hite Kyocera Kyoritsu Kyosha Lambda Lauterbach LeCroy LEM LINDOS LineEye Lots LUTRON Manudax Manumesure Marconi Marconi Caswell Marconi Instr. (IFR) Mastech Maury MAYNUO MCP
Megger Metrix Microrad Microtest Microwave Amplifier LTD MILMEGA MOHR Motorola Motorola SPS Multimetrix Narda National Instrument Neelogy NetTest Newtons4th Nicolet Niton NOISECOM NOISEKEN North Atlantic NOYES OMICRON Ophir Ophir Optronics Ltd. PACIFIC SOURCE Panasonic PEM Philips PICOSECOND Pintek PMM Power Ten Inc Powerbox Prâna Probe Master PROENGIN Prolabo Promax Protek Psiber Pulse Instruments QJE QuadTech Racal Racal Instruments Opérations Racal Instruments Racal Systems Electronique Raytek REGATRON RFTS Rigol Rohde et Schwarz Rolf Heine Rotronic Sample Instruments Sapphire Satimo Scharzbeck Schlumberger Secasi Sefelec Sefram SEIBERSDORF Siemens Siepel Signametrics Sodilec Solartron Sony Sorensen SPINNER SPIRENT SPX RADIODETECTION SSPA Standford Research Systems Stanford Research Stanford telecom Sumitomo Sunrise Telecom Svantek Systron Donner Tabor TCT TCT Teac Tecnoservizi Tegam Tekelec Tektronix Teseq (Schaffner) TESTEC Testequity Testo Thermotron THOMSON Transmille Trend TRT TTC/Acterna TTI UE Systems USB INSTRUMENTS Valhalla Scientific Varian Vitrek Voltech Vötsch VP Electronics W/G-Acterna Wavetek Wavetek Datron Wavetek Test Tools Wavetek Wandel Golterman Wayne Kerr Wayne Kerr Electronics Ltd Weinschel Weinschel Weiss Wessex Western Graphtec Wika Will’tek Willtek WORK WTB Binder Xantrex Xtramus Yokogawa Zimmer


Leasametric accompanies you in all your projects.

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