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Multi-brand repairs

A team of enthusiasts at the service of your projects

Even when the manufacturer no longer monitors your device, Leasametric continues to offer you the best maintenance services. Our passionate engineers, from the laboratories of the largest manufacturers, guarantee you a very high level of skills.

REACTIVITY is essential at Leasametric with calibrations within 5 days, but WE ALSO TAKE THE TIME:

  • de to properly clean your devices,
  • to revamp them,
  • to adjust them,
  • to offer you a replacement device during the immobilization of yours,
  • to repair the oldest even out of manufacturer’s support thanks to our large stock of spare parts,
  • to return them to you carefully calibrated,
  • in secure packaging.
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The advantage of getting closer to professionals mastering Test & Measurement devices of all major brands, is to have an impartial opinion on the optimal choices and solutions necessary for the success of tests even in harsh environments.

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